Web Hosting Services

We provide services from designing web services, hosting sites, and creating bespoke applications.

We can provide web hosting services, via our own web servers, which are located in a purpose built, secure data center, or via other dedicated web hosting companies.

The web hosting also provides for email access.

This also includes free registration of a .co.uk domain. Your can have a .com or another domain, which may incur an additional cost.


What does all the above cost ?

Basic web hosting without a domain, is only £48.00 per year, excluding VAT (£56.40 inc VAT 20%).

Include the cost of a .co.uk domain, and thats £51.98 payable for the first year, and £48.00 for the subsequent year.

Additional Domain Costs

Excluding VAT the yearly registration costs for various domain types are -

Note that domains ending in UK are usually charged 2 years in advance.